The Melrose Area Historical Society is an affiliate of the Stearns County Historical Society.

Research Center

In the Research Center of the Melrose Area Museum visitors will be assisted in searching the files and records collected to date. These include newspaper articles, family histories, oral history tapes, video histories, death notices and photographs.

Volunteers are busy each week collecting and filing newspaper articles and obituary notices. Interested persons will find records on many families and people of the area who distinguished themselves in a variety of areas, such as sports, politics, farming, religious, military, academics, the arts, etc.

Our photographic files contain original photographs donated by residents of the area and photo copies of many other photographs.

Melrose Beacons, 1908 - 2008 are digitized and can now be accessed by name, subject and year at the museum.

Family Histories | Oral Histories | Videos

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